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by Katherine French-Ewing, MA, LPC

A few years ago, grieving the loss of my father to the ravages of Parkinson’s Disease, I prayerfully sought out a creative outlet for my pain. As a trauma-trained counselor, I know that when we store grief, pain, and trauma inside, it wreaks havoc on us in so many ways. How could I walk well with my clients if I was not engaging in my own soul care? I began to peruse YouTube, and there I think God directed me to my first paint pouring video. Enthralled by the process and entranced by the swirls of vibrant colors the happy-go-lucky artist produced, I decided to explore this medium courageously. First, though, I had to surrender the sabotaging head trash screaming at me that said, “You will just be disappointed because you are NOT an artist!”

Then, that still small voice cut like a knife through the swirl of toxic thoughts and gently encouraged me to just try it. Admittedly, my first three pours were a muddy mess of colors. Although I felt a bit deflated, I tried again, this time replicating the colors the artist on the video had utilized. Much to my delight, tiny cellular structures began to form and pop up before my smiling eyes! That was it – I was hooked.

I have found the benefits of regularly engaging in a creative outlet to be too numerous to list here, but here are some uniquely fulfilling aspects of paint pouring that might interest you:

  1. Solace. When an artist pours, that becomes their sacred space of expression.
  2. Surrendering control. The artist can choose their colors and pouring type, but the rest is a delightful surprise, and each piece is unique.
  3. Beauty. When the colors are vibrantly clear, this medium is a feast for the eyes.
  4. Mindful practice. When the artist pours, they are entirely present to the moment.
  5. Joy. Creating art can be a blissful endeavor as the artist finds their niche.
  6. Release. The artist can imagine pouring out their emotions, thoughts, and feelings.
  7. Sharing. We inspire each other when we share our passions.
  8. Endless variations. If the artist becomes tired with one kind of pour, they can just look online to choose from a plethora of ideas and styles.
  9. Gifts and Commissions. It is so satisfying to see friends, family, and customers light up about a pouring piece that goes from my studio to their homes.
  10. Teach. When facilitating workshops, there is nothing like watching others discover the wonder of pouring.

So, whether you are already an artist open to exploring a new medium, an artist at heart, or just willing to explore something new that may be therapeutically beneficial, I invite you to look into the engaging and often addictive world of paint pouring. If you’d like to connect with me, please do so by calling or texting 720-340-8856. I wish you many blissful pours!

Katherine lives in Firestone and is an “Ambassador of Hope,”  providing individual virtual counseling services through Crossroads Counseling Associates (  She is also a passionate artist who derives great joy from selling her pieces and she loves to host inspirational paint pouring parties.  For more information, readers are welcome to contact her at 303-962-5990.