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by Genevieve Mellott

Yes, it seems that the conservative-leaning Weld County and liberal-leaning Boulder County are forever at odds. It makes for some great jokes. From our unique vantage point here along I25, we’re central enough to smell the “country air” of Weld County and yet make it to Whole Foods in under 20 minutes. We have horse farms next to suburban neighborhoods. We have decent wi-fi and random unpaved roads. We have supermarkets, coffee chains, prairie dogs, and coyotes. And that’s pretty cool. (Unless you have outdoor cats.)

So which is it for you? Are you a Weld County Hick or Boulder Hippie? I ask that trick question with the utmost respect because I am a self-proclaimed Hippie-Hick. I have traits of both. And I think many of us do. That’s one reason we live here.

Here’s a quick quiz in Jeff Foxworthy style to know if you’re one of us:

  • If you recycle, but most of it is beer, liquor, or soda bottles, you might be a Hippie-Hick.
  • If you’ve ever gotten hay in your Suburu, you might be a Hippie-Hick
  • If you raise chickens for eggs, but also because they eat bugs so you can use fewer pesticides, you might be a Hippie-Hick.
  • If you smoke or BBQ meats… but like them free-range, grass-fed, or organic, you might be a Hippie-Hick.
  • If you’ve ever worn cowboy boots with a dress or a suit with a cowboy hat, you might be a Hippie-Hick.

The gist is we’ve got to keep our humor and learn to meet in the middle. That’s literally where we are – in the middle between Boulder and Weld. But relationally, are we? Are people and situations going to set us off? At times. Are some people liberal and some people conservative? Yep. But we’re all people. And down deep we want community, even if sometimes we don’t know how to put aside the things that seem so important in the moment. We can try faith, try kindness, and try to be less… trying. After all, meeting in the middle doesn’t mean we stand for nothing. It means we stand for each other, and this Hippie-Hick chick thinks that’s a great thing to stand for.