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In the real estate echelon, there are Doers and Do Nots. If you have bought or sold property more than once, you may know these categories well. Doers are active, busy, and hard working. The Do Nots, well, let’s just say the Do Nots tend not to be in the industry very long. The Doers make a name for themselves one way or another. I will not criticize someone for working hard, and there are different reasons an agent may be a Doer. It all boils down to whom you are going to trust.

Sixteen years ago, Tracy Graham found herself ready for a career change. Having gone through some tough times, she needed a way to make a living and fast. There are several ways in life to make a quick buck. But when deciding on a direction, she remembered a real estate transaction she had experienced years before. I wish I could say it was a good one and that Tracy picked it because she could make those quick bucks, but to Tracy, the real estate experience she had was such a heart-wrenching process that she vowed never to treat anyone the way she had been treated during that time. Invalidated. Disregarded. Unheard. Even cheated. The choice was clear to Tracy – go into real estate to help people through these life-changing decisions. It was going to take time and be a hard road.

Contemporary Home in Colorado
Contemporary Home in Colorado

Her vision was simple: to learn everything she could about real estate to empower residential buyers and sellers, to put people first, to help as much as possible. Unlike some professions that pay according to the amount of time spent on a task, real estate agents do not receive compensation until a successful sale occurs. Tracy knew that. But she also knew all the time and effort she put into others is essential, not because there may be a sale at the end of the rainbow, but because they are people and deserve time and respect. Through the years, she stuck to her vision and found that her needs were always met by meeting the needs of others. Still today, she is always ready to lend a hand or ear or knowledge to help whoever needs her. How many people can we say that about? How many real estate agents can we say that about?

March 23, 2021, marks 16 years that Tracy has been a real estate professional. Recently, a friend told Tracy it was her “sweet sixteen.” And indeed, it has been sweet. Doing what she loves and giving forward has helped create an inspiring real estate culture in Carbon Valley and beyond. I say “giving forward” because she does not act generously only after someone else has done so to her. She approaches new people and new situations with a kind heart and a wealth of knowledge and experience, offering not simply what clients want to hear but what is right and beneficial to them.

Here’s to an unconventional Realtor® who I am humbled to call a friend. Happy “Sweet Sixteen,” Tracy Graham! May you have many, many more years of sweet success!