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by Christina Heid Scholbrock

This summer I had the opportunity to help in the Giving Garden at Brigit’s Bounty in Frederick‭. ‬They are a nonprofit working farm‭, ‬complete with bees and chickens‭. ‬They feed the hungry and provide children’s programming‭. ‬Originally an outreach of St‭. ‬Brigit’s Episcopal Church‭, ‬it is now its own entity run by AmeriCorp VISTA‭.‬

Kneeling over the beds‭, ‬I was finally feeling a bit normal albeit wearing my face mask to protect other volunteers in the garden‭. ‬I felt at peace in the sun with birds chirping happily in the trees‭. ‬As my fellow gardeners can recognize‭, ‬this was my version‭ ‬of meditation‭. ‬While tackling the raspberry bed‭, ‬our vista Rachel reminded me to‭, ‬“Please leave the wild clover‭, ‬it helps the soil‭!‬”‭ ‬

Oh yes‭, ‬the clover‭. ‬That pesky‭, ‬strong-willed weed I’ve been trying to kill in my own yard for over a year‭. ‬After hearing Rachel‭, ‬I started researching through CSU extension‭. ‬Clover‭ ‬is actually good for my yard‭! ‬At the CSU extension’s website‭, ‬master gardeners write that clover‭, ‬being a legume‭, ‬actually pulls nitrogen from the air and puts it in the soil‭. ‬Thus‭, ‬it improves my lawn without fertilizing‭. ‬For me‭, ‬having dogs and young children this was great news‭. ‬I feel a sense of guilt‭ ‬each time I put down weed and feed‭, ‬not only for my own family‭, ‬but the fish down hill‭. ‬

In further research‭, ‬the‭ ‬Chicago Tribune‭ ‬wrote in 2012‭ ‬that prior to the 1950s‭, ‬clover was actually encouraged‭. ‬The creation of synthetic broadleaf weed killer did a wonderful job killing all weeds‭. ‬But it also killed clover‭. ‬Public opinion shifted and began equating this much needed nitrogen producer as just another weed‭. ‬Move forward to 2020‭, ‬and neighbors struggle to keep clover at bay‭, ‬especially the organic-minded neighbor‭. ‬Therefore‭, ‬I propose a shift in mindset back to pre-World War II‭. ‬Let clover live‭. ‬Now when I see happy little bees buzzing from clover flower to flower‭, ‬I smile and know I am doing good by leaving it be‭. ‬

Now let’s just hope my HOA doesn’t fine me‭.‬

If you would like more information on getting involved in the Giving Garden and Brigit’s Bounty‭, ‬please go to their website at or find them on Facebook‭. ‬I hope to see you there‭. ‬

Christina is a wife‭, ‬mom‭, ‬teacher‭, ‬and avid gardener living in Firestone‭.‬