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by Jennifer Rhodes

Puma Pride Volunteers at Firestone Charter Academy are proud to announce our inaugural Calendar Raffle‭. ‬The calendar raffle will‭ ‬showcase a prize for each day during the month of April‭. ‬Prize packages have been put together by donations from our local community businesses‭. ‬Each day of the month has a great theme and guarantee for a fabulous prize‭. ‬

A few examples include a weekend at the YMCA of the Rockies‭, ‬a spa day‭, ‬a Yeti Cooler‭, ‬and‭ $‬500‭ ‬cash‭! ‬Tickets are‭ $‬25‭ ‬and will enter you for a chance to win each day for the entire month‭. ‬The ticket can only win once during the month and multiple tickets can be purchased for more chances to win‭. ‬The staff administration will draw the winning ticket and the winner will be posted to‭ ‬the school website and Facebook page each evening at 7PM‭. ‬Winners can pick up their prize at the school‭. ‬If the winning prize contains alcohol‭, ‬and the winner is not 21‭ ‬or over‭, ‬a prize for an equal amount will be substituted‭. ‬

The money earned from this fundraiser will pay for an upgrade to the school’s administrative technology‭; ‬this will provide the ability to communicate effectively with families easier and more efficiently‭.‬‭ ‬The school has been greatly impacted this year due to Covid-19‭, ‬which has led to many unexpected costs and has significantly decreased our ability to fundraise‭. ‬We are excited to showcase our Calendar Raffle and to sell as many tickets as possible for the‭ ‬opportunity for great prizes‭!‬

Visit and Facebook at FirestoneCharterAcademy for the calendar and entry opportunities beginning in‭ ‬March‭!‬