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 Gaze into the furious face of SUE the T. rex.  © 2018 Field Museum, photo by Lucy Hewett 

SUE, the most complete, best-preserved Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered is coming to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science on Feb. 12.

The traveling exhibition SUE: The T. rex Experience features the latest scientific discoveries about this incredible fossil. The exhibition tickles guests’ senses as they explore SUE’s world, touch casts of real dinosaur fossils, hear the throaty rumble of a T. rex growl, and come face to face with SUE.

“Our community has expressed an unwavering interest in dinosaurs, and we can’t wait to introduce SUE to Colorado through this exciting exhibition,” Denver Museum of Nature & Science President & CEO George Sparks says. “We hope this glimpse into SUE’s world inspires budding paleontologists and reignites a flame of curiosity in everyone else.”

 SUE is one of the largest T. rex ever discovered, and with scientific updates to the specimen, we now know more about T. rex than ever before – including the gastralia and wishbone.  © 2018 Field Museum, photo by Lucy Hewett 

SUE’s fossils are on permanent display at the Field Museum in Chicago, so the traveling exhibition gives you a chance to experience SUE through:

  • An exact cast of SUE’s skeleton, measuring in at 40 feet from snout to tail and 13 feet tall at the hip.
  • Touchable bronze casts of SUE’s bones.
  • A multimedia light show that highlights the details of SUE’s skeleton.

“Most of the Denver metro area is situated on top of rocks deposited during SUE’s time, so not only are we excited for SUE to visit Colorado, but we also have some incredible recent discoveries closer to home that guests will get to explore as part of the exhibition,” Museum Curator of Dinosaurs Joe Sertich adds.

A timed ticket for Museum entry and a separate timed ticket for entry into SUE: The T. rex Experience is required.

SUE: The T. rex Experience was organized by the Field Museum and is part of the Griffin Dinosaur Experience, made possible by the generous support of the Kenneth C. Griffin Charitable Fund.

SOURCE Denver Museum of Nature & Science

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