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by Angela Peterson

A colorful donut homage to the NOCO donut competition
Donuts of all flavors, shapes, and sizes will be represented at the competition August 1!

August 1st, four Northern Colorado donut businesses will face off to see who makes the best donuts! The competition is people’s choice; each ticket is $5 and gets you a donut from each competitor and one vote. The winner will be announced at noon and will receive a very special trophy as well as bragging rights to “the best donut in Northern Colorado”!  Voting is from 9 am to noon, but you can still visit each of our vendors until 1 pm. Entrance into the venue and access to the vendors is free! Chase’N’Smoke, Tri-Town’s premier BBQ food truck, caterer, and competition team, will be there selling their incredible BBQ! ShortD’s will be there as well with “Beanz,” their beverage trailer, serving up a wide variety of hot, iced, and blended beverages to help you beat the heat with your favorite drink! Each of the four competitors will have a booth set up so you can purchase donuts to enjoy at Pinecone Avenue Social or to take home and devour.

So, who are these dough slinging heroes? Landline Donuts of Broomfield, Chef Pattycakes of Boulder, Tommy Boy Mini Donuts of Frederick, and Shield Maiden of Firestone are excited to show you what they’ve got and why they think they have the best donuts! Landline Donuts specializes in fresh scratch-made mashed potato donuts. They are currently working on opening their very own storefront this winter! So stay tuned for updates and get ready to add their grand opening to your calendars because I am sure you won’t want to miss it! Though Chef Pattycakes opened her donut business during the pandemic, she has a long history of making incredible donuts! Before she was the Pastry Chef at Spice of Life Catering, she worked at the Ritz Carlton in Dallas, TX, where she spellbound not one, not two, but all three Jonas brothers with her donuts! Tommy Boy Mini Donuts have become quite the staple in the Tr-Town area: you can find them at almost every event bringing you those fried-to-order mini donuts that have everyone drooling! You can customize your mini miracles with their flavored sugars by the bucket, and let me tell you, you want a bucket of these bad boys! Shield Maiden is also a product of the pandemic. Needing a creative outlet and a way to share all of the pastry love that I have, I decided to open my own business. You can find our outrageously delicious donuts at the Frederick Finale Friday Markets or at the kiosk in front of Peel on Sunday mornings!

  This competition is extremely special to me! It isn’t just a fun way to celebrate sweet freedom after the pandemic, it is an opportunity to reach out to other small businesses in the industry to show them support and to build a sense of community within our profession. When I was a Pastry Chef in Boston, I created a club called The Pastry People of Boston. It was a club for pastry chefs in the metro area to get together once a month, break bread together, share ideas, support one another, and show some love to a local restaurant. It was the highlight of the month and still continues on in my absence! I hope to create a similar community here in the Northern Colorado and Denver areas through events like this. Please stop by and support these 7 local businesses that have come together to build a fun and tasty event for our community!

 Be sure to follow all of our competitors on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about their donut journeys and where you can find their donuts! See the Carbon Valley Life event page with a link to purchase tickets at

Angela has worked for a number of celebrated chefs in the Boston area‭, ‬including James Beard-awarded chef Jody Adams at Trade‭, ‬and under two-time Food Network finalist Joshua Livsey at Harvest‭. ‬She then became the Pastry Chef at Catalyst Restaurant and then at Fox‭ ‬&‭ ‬the Knife under James Beard-awarded Chef Karen Akunowicz‭. ‬She now owns her own local donut bakery‭, ‬Colorado Shield Maiden‭. ‬