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by Chief Dave Beebe

Part of the updated values is to “respect each other and communicate effectively.”

Merging with Rocky Mountain Fire provided us the opportunity to revisit the District’s Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV). Both organizations had very similar and current MVV’s, however, it was decided to take the best from both and update the MVV for the expanded district. A wide variety of stakeholders worked on the project and the new Mission, Vision, and Values clearly state what the organization is about.

Mission, Vision, and Values

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• MISSION – To preserve and protect our community from all hazards through exceptional preparedness, prevention, education, and emergency response.

• VISION – To establish the standard of excellence: by being customer-centric, inspiring a high-performance environment, being driven by innovation, and being proud of our organization.

• VALUES – Trust, Teamwork and Professionalism. Establish the standard of excellence in how we preserve and protect our communities.

Trust: We are honest and transparent. We are loyal, responsive, and compassionate. We have the courage to act.

Teamwork: We respect each other and communicate effectively. We are stronger through diversity. We are adaptable, flexible, and resilient.

Professional: We are dedicated to our craft and enhance our abilities through continued training, development, and education.