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by Genevieve Mellott

Mark your calendar for March 20‭. ‬Actually‭, ‬it’s probably already on your calendar‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬it’s the first day of spring‭! ‬Nothing is quite as exhilarating to me as the coming of spring‭. ‬First‭, ‬we get to stretch our days out‭ ‬a bit with Daylight Saving on the second Sunday of March‭. ‬Then‭, ‬we get to look forward to all the flowers‭. ‬And the grass‭. ‬And bunnies eating our flowers and grass‭. ‬And seasonal allergies‮…‬‭ ‬I’m getting ahead of myself‭. ‬The idea is there is something wonderful to anticipate‭! ‬Woohoo‭! ‬

Spring is also time for some pretty great holidays‭. ‬There’s St‭. ‬Patrick’s Day‭, ‬April Fools’‭ ‬Day‭, ‬Easter‭, ‬and Earth Day‭. ‬And those are just in March and April‭. ‬I’m discovering as I go along that every month is a celebration of tons of things‭. ‬March is Women’s History Month‭, ‬National Nutrition Month‭, ‬National Celery Month‭ (‬what the‭?), ‬and a slew of other commemorations‭. ‬April is National Volunteer Month‭, ‬National Welding Month‭, ‬Adopt a Ferret Month‭, ‬and many more‭. ‬Don’t Google it‭; ‬your brain will hurt‭.‬

This issue is jam-packed with reasons to love our hometowns in spring‭. ‬From gardening to working at home to supporting worthy causes to following real estate‭, ‬we’ve got it all‭. ‬I’m dreaming of doing things that don’t involve Zoom‭. ‬Don’t get me wrong‭; ‬I am thankful for the miracle of streamed interaction‭. ‬But‭, ‬oh‭, ‬to go to a party again and not worry‭? ‬I might cry‭. ‬Those days are coming‭, ‬my friend‭. (‬The parties‭. ‬Hopefully not the crying part‭.) ‬And to know about all the wonderful happenings‭, ‬we’ll need a place to publicize them‭.‬

I wonder if you can help me out‭. ‬On‭, ‬there is a little community calendar‭. ‬I’m hoping it becomes THE community calendar‭. ‬Here’s how to help‭: ‬if you sell makeup or baskets or oil‭, ‬post your public events there‭. ‬If you teach people to make pottery or jewelry at breweries and restaurants‭, ‬post your public events and their cost‭. ‬If your store is having an open house‭, ‬post it‭. ‬If you’re starting a book club open to any Carbon Valleyers‭, ‬post it‭. ‬If it’s your dog’s birthday and only his girlfriend is invited‮…‬‭ ‬don’t post it‭. ‬I think you get the point‭. ‬And yes‭, ‬Facebook Live and Zoom events are welcome as long as they’re for anyone‭.‬

Why am I doing this‭, ‬you ask‭? ‬Because we need a central location to find out what’s going on‭. ‬We need connection‭, ‬and I’m hoping this calendar helps facilitate that‭. ‬Won’t it be amazing when our Carbon Valley people and local businesses can go to one online place and be informed‭? ‬I think so‭. ‬And I‭ ‬hope you do‭, ‬too‭. ‬For now‭, ‬imagine the possibilities that spring will bring‭, ‬and enjoy the read‭!‬

Genevieve lives in Firestone with her husband‭, ‬three kids‭, ‬and two dogs‭. ‬She enjoys thunderstorms‭, ‬gardening‭, ‬and long walks‭, ‬in‭ ‬addition to writing‭, ‬editing‭, ‬and graphic design‭.‬