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by Genevieve Mellott

“It’s the most catalog tiiiime of the year. With your kids screaming, yelling, and bosses are telling you KPIs are near, it’s the most catalog tiiiime of the yeeeear.”

One thing I absolutely love is holiday décor, but with three kids and two dogs who like to tear up the house, I don’t often have the funds to go crazy with my trendy finds. And you know your mail and inbox are full of ads for cute decorations this time of year. What if I told you that with some home store basics and a weekend of fun, you can have some of those trendy, seasonal decorations similar to those in pricey catalogs?

One craft that’s simple to create is a rustic snowman character you might find at popular retailers. Since we’re in Colorado, it’s almost never too early for snow-related paraphernalia. It’s cute, sturdy, and perfect for a covered outdoor space. Not only that, but this “recipe” is enough to make three of them!

Here’s what you’ll need:
1 – 10-inch x 8-foot board, cut by the store into two-foot, 2.5-foot, and 3.5-foot sections. (Home Depot will do the cuts for free.)
1 – can white spray paint
1 – can black spray paint
1 – sample pot of acrylic orange
3 – five-gallon paint sticks
1 – small bottle of wood glue

Here’s what to do:
Paint the front and sides of the board sections white. Let dry. Paint the top third of each board black. Below it, make cheerful faces with the black, and use the orange to paint sideways triangles for the noses. Cut the paint sticks to about 16 inches with any saw you have (or garden shears, if they’re hefty.) Watch out for splinters and sand ‘em if you got ‘em. I find raking the rough end a few times over concrete also does an adequate job. These are rustic, after all. Paint the sticks black, and when dry, glue them to the boards where the black and white paints meet. Let dry. Add an old scarf to one or more, or glue some tummy buttons on, or add anything to give your snow-people some style.

Voila! For about the price of one item from Etsy or Bed Bath & Beyond, you’ll have three custom, porch-worthy decorations that you can group or display individually. Happy crafting!