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PO Box 858 Firestone, CO 80520

Hours: 9 - 5 M-F

courtesy of the Town of Frederick

With its proximity to the Denver metro area and the Northern Front Range‭, ‬the Town of Frederick is a dynamic community at the center of commerce‭, ‬industry, and education‭. ‬Multiple recreational and residential facilities make the Town of Frederick a retreat‭ ‬full of diverse opportunity that continues to respect its heritage as a mining town‭. ‬Frederick was incorporated in 1907‭ ‬by three‭ ‬young women who named the town after their father‭, ‬Frederick A‭. ‬Clark‭, ‬the landowner of the site now known as Frederick‭. ‬In its‭ ‬early days‭, ‬Frederick was a mining town that was home to mostly Italian immigrants who came to the area to make their living in‭ ‬the coal mines‭. ‬Miners were paid‭ $‬2‭ ‬a day for their dangerous work and are often the forgotten heroes of Colorado’s history‭. ‬The town honors their memory with the annual Miners Day celebration on the third Saturday of September‭. ‬Share your memories and family history by contacting‭.