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By Genevieve Mellott

It’s easy to lament the lack of in-person sporting events this summer. But before the long face, there are things to be thankful for: there are still professional teams, hot dogs, and ways to bet and lose your shirt (oops – maybe we could forego that one!) However, possibly one of the more embarrassing yet fun things about attending a game is the KissCam. Well, guess what? There’s an app for that!

Yes, it’s true. You can download the KissCam app on iPhone or Android. The idea came to founder of KissCam Dana Veitch when he was – where else? – in Denver attending a Nuggets game. He noticed that there was not enough time for all the couples who wanted to be on the jumbotron to have their moment. There was no copyright or company that owned the KissCam concept at that time, so Dana Veitch seized the opportunity. KissCam has been a registered and branded LLC since 2012.

Even though the concept for the brand and app happened years ago, it is all the more timely now that there are no fans inside stadiums. You can still get your smooch on the big screen at the game. The company has created a contest that goes along with the app. During your favorite pro team’s game, you take your photo, embellish it with a customized event frame in the app, and send it to the contest with a single click. Fans vote for a winner, and the team sponsor provides a prize.

More recently, KissCam began licensing the app to companies outside of sporting events. Now any organization can incorporate KissCam into its marketing. But until your favorite company runs a KissCam promotion, you can still pucker up, Buttercup, and participate in your favorite team’s contest.


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