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by Jenni Riggs

It’s getting hot outside‭. ‬It’s time for summer fun‭, ‬but make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your dogs happy and safe in the hot summer sun‭. ‬

Heatstroke is a serious issue with dogs when it starts getting hot outside‭. ‬Therefore‭, ‬it is important to know how to prevent it‭ ‬and what signs to spot‭. ‬

A big cause of heatstroke and dog deaths every year is leaving dogs in hot cars‭. ‬Even with the windows cracked‭, ‬a car can reach‭ ‬dangerous temps in a short amount of time‭. ‬On an 80-degree day‭, ‬it takes only ten minutes for the car to reach 99‭ ‬degrees‭, ‬and it can reach 114‭ ‬degrees within 30‭ ‬minutes‭. ‬It is best to leave your furry friend home on hot days instead of in the car‭.‬

Some ways to avoid heatstroke are‭: ‬to go for walks or have vigorous play sessions only in the cooler hours of the day‭, ‬always have plenty of fresh water‭, ‬keep pets indoors during the day‭, ‬and always watch for signs of overheating‭. ‬

Signs of heatstroke include‭:‬

• Excessive panting and drooling

• Collapsing or extreme fatigue

• Increased heart rate

• Bright red tongue

• Thick/sticky saliva

If your dog is experiencing any of these symptoms‭, ‬get them to a cool place and offer them cool water‭ (‬not cold‭.) ‬Wet their coat‭ ‬with cool water‭ (‬not cold‭) ‬and call your vet immediately‭. ‬

Another summer danger is hot pavement and asphalt‭. ‬Dogs can get severe burns on their paws and damage their pads if it is too hot‭. ‬Walking in the cooler hours of the day or on grass is the best protection for their feet‭. ‬Test the pavement before walking them on it‭; ‬put the back of your hand on the pavement for 7‭ ‬seconds‭, ‬and if it is too hot for you‭, ‬it is too hot for them‭. ‬On an 86-degree day‭, ‬asphalt can reach a temp of 135‭ ‬degrees‭, ‬so it is best just to avoid it‭. ‬

Have a happy and safe summer‭!‬

Jenni is mom to humans and fur babies and is the owner of Mac-N-Charlies Pet Stop in Firestone‭, ‬providing pet food‭, ‬treats‭, ‬and‭ ‬other goodies for four-legged friends‭.‬