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by Genevieve Mellott

Schnauzer or Yorkie mix puppy dog in Hawaiian shirt
All dressed up and ready to vacay!

Summer is always a good time for get-aways‭. ‬But every‭ ‬“animal family”‭ ‬knows boarding pets can be expensive‭, ‬and you need to have someone you trust to look after them‭. ‬Some trips may be worth the effort‭ (‬and fun‭) ‬to take your dogs‭, ‬cats‭, ‬or other animals with you‭. ‬Try these ideas for Colorado fun with the non-human members of your family‭. (‬Remember to confirm pet policies with individual companies and sites before taking your trip‭!)‬

Celebrate our National Barks

Rocky Mountain National Park may be the closest‭, ‬but there are at least‭ ‬nine national parks and national monuments in Colorado‭ ‬that welcome pets‭. ‬You can even become a Bark Ranger‭. (‬No‭, ‬I did not make that up‭.) ‬Head over to‭ ‬‭ ‬for an interactive map and information on‭  ‬their individual pet policies‭. ‬Colorado State Parks are also pet-friendly‭. ‬Two even‭ ‬have off-leash areas for dogs‭. ‬Check out‭ ‬‭ ‬for activities you can do with your furballs in our state parks‭.‬

Do “People Stuff” with Your Pet

For those of us who appreciate‭  ‬A/C on our trips‭, ‬there are about 1,200‭ ‬Colorado hotels on Google that accommodate pets‭. ‬Naturally‭, ‬they have varying‭  ‬policies and fees‭, ‬but a couple of unexpected names on the list are the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs and Marriott’s super swanky W Aspen‭. ‬Don’t forget to let your pet come with you to dine‭! ‬According to‭ ‬‭, ‬establishments such as Rock Inn Mountain Tavern in Estes Park‭, ‬Cyprus Cafe in Durango‭, ‬and‭  ‬Maggie’s Kitchen in Ouray are but a few of many dog-friendly Colorado eateries‭.‬

Make the Most of Good Weather

Lots of outdoor activities are pet-friendly‭. ‬Take a hike around‭ ‬Garden of the Gods‭,‬‭ ‬Manitou Cave Dwellings‭,  ‬Royal Gorge Bridge‭,  ‬or‭ ‬Colorado Mines Peak‭.  ‬Other activities include riding the‭ ‬Leadville Railroad‭, ‬taking a‭ ‬Colorado Jeep Tour‭,  ‬enjoying a‭ ‬Crested Butte Historic Walking Tour‭ ‬and many‭, ‬many more‭. ‬There are‭ ‬“Experiences”‭ ‬listed on AirBNB for travelers‭. ‬Some are pet-friendly‭. (‬Ask before booking‭.) ‬Another great resource is‭  ‬‭.‬

BYOH – Bring Your Own Horse

If you’re a rider‭, ‬chances are you are looking to the great outdoors for a vacation with your horse‭.  ‬For the guest ranch and trail riding full experience‭, ‬check out‭ ‬Lost Valley Dude Ranch in Sedalia‭ ‬or‭  ‬Colorado Cattle Company Guest Ranch near New Raymer‭. ‬There are also plenty of places to camp with your horse‭, ‬like‭ ‬Winding River Resort‭ ‬in Grand Lake or the‭ ‬Soap Creek Corral near Gunnison‭, ‬both offering plenty of nearby trail time‭.‬