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by Tracy Graham

recently updated home with improvements for seller and buyers
Curb appeal is more than a visual improvement!

The best return on your home improvement can be the joy you get waking up in a home you love more and more with every project you complete‭.‬

The second-best thing is picking the right home improvement that will pay off when you decide to sell if you are savvy‭.  ‬

Here are some widespread home improvements that hopefully will bring you joy and a more significant price tag at closing time‭.  ‬

1‭. ‬Painting‭  ‬

Painting provides dramatic results with the lowest cost and highest rate of return‭.  ‬The beauty of painting is you can do it yourself if you are handy with a paintbrush‭.  ‬Purchasing a 5-gallon bucket of paint is much cheaper than a gallon‭.  ‬

If you hire a professional painter for painting the interior of a 2,400‭ ‬square foot home‭, ‬it can be anywhere from‭ $‬3,600‭ ‬to‭ $‬6,500‭, ‬depending on the market‭.  ‬If there are vaulted ceilings or detail work‭, ‬it could be more‭.‬

When thinking of painting‭, ‬don’t think of it as something just for just walls‭.  ‬If you have outdated kitchen cabinets‭,  ‬you can paint them for an instant kitchen update‭.  ‬

Be sure to remember the exterior of your home as well‭.  ‬Keep an eye on your trim for potential water damage

2‭. ‬Replacing the Front Door

Few replacement projects have a better return on investment as a new steel entry door‭.  ‬Adding a steel entry door has a return of roughly 75‭ ‬to 101‭ ‬percent of initial investment upon resale‭, ‬depending on if you have it professionally installed or tackle this project yourself‭.  ‬If you do the project yourself‭, ‬you’ll work with a pre-hung door that includes jambs‭, ‬so removing the existing is necessary‭.  ‬

Often old exterior doors can be a significant source of energy loss in your home‭.  ‬Replacing the door will improve your curb appeal while improving your home’s energy efficiency‭.  ‬The average return on investment

3‭.  ‬Bathroom Update

An outdated bathroom can date a house‭.  ‬A whole bathroom remodel is an option‭, ‬but not needed‭, ‬new countertops‭, ‬painting the cabinets instead of replacing‭, ‬update the fixtures‭, ‬and lighting‭ (‬get rid of the brass or metal‭).   ‬It is always best to go with classic features and avoid anything too trendy‭, ‬so you will appeal to the majority‭.  ‬Also‭, ‬it’s good to remember‭, ‬dated tile always looks better when clean grout lines‭, ‬so consider cleaning or replacing the grout yourself‭ ‬or hire someone‭.  ‬

A mid-range bathroom remodel averages‭ $‬3,000‭ ‬to 12,000‭  ‬with an approximate 57‭ ‬to 65‭ ‬percent return on investment‭, ‬according to‭ ‬data from Zillow‭.‬

4‭.  ‬Update fixtures and hardware‭  ‬

Lighting‭, ‬faucets‭, ‬doorknobs‭, ‬and hinges may seem like minor details‭, ‬but outdated or cheap fixtures can affect the overall look‭ ‬and feel‭.  ‬These items do not need to be expensive to make an impact of a much more contemporary look‭.  ‬Many of these items you‭ ‬may be able to do yourself to save some installation expenses‭.  ‬However‭, ‬when it comes to electricity and anything associated with water‭, ‬a licensed electrician and plumber are recommended‭.  ‬

These improvements make an exponential impact on making a home feel contemporary‭.  ‬Assigning a cost to these upgrades is impossible due to the quantities needed for each of these items‭. ‬

5‭.  ‬Insulation Upgrade

Upgrading insulation is not the sexiest project‭.  ‬After all‭, ‬it’s tucked away in the attic‭.  ‬However‭, ‬you will feel it based on increased comfort and see savings on your energy bill‭.  ‬

Increasing an under-insulated attic space can easily save you up to 50%‭ ‬per year in energy costs‭.  ‬Do it yourself‭, ‬and you’ll almost immediately pocket the savings‭.  ‬Hiring a professional may take a couple of years to pay off your investment with your‭ ‬savings‭. ‬However‭, ‬it could be much easier because the installation is an awkward and messy project that requires protective clothing‭. ‬

If you are considering any home improvements‭, ‬contacting your local real estate expert can provide additional information about‭ ‬the specific home improvement you are considering and the approximate range of the return on your investment‭.‬

Tracy Graham is a local real estate expert and REALTOR with Keller Williams 1st Realty Associates in Firestone‭. ‬She lives in Frederick with her husband and their parrot‭. ‬Her dedication and passion for helping hundreds of Carbon Valley and the surrounding areas residents achieve their goals and build wealth through real estate spans over 16‭ ‬years‭. ‬She has earned the following real estate designations to best serve her clientele‭, ‬Accredited Buyer Representative‭, ‬Certified Negotiation Expert‭, ‬Certified Residential Specialist‭, ‬Graduate Real Estate Institute‭, ‬Short Sale‭, ‬and Foreclosure Resource‭. ‬You may reach Tracy at 720-272-0183‭ ‬or‭.‬