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by Lida Johnson

We are bombarded with numbers that quantify our health. Is your A1C number too high? Is your fasted glucose high? Yes. You could have diabetes. What’s your total cholesterol/LDL/HDL? If the ratio is out of proportion, then you are at risk of heart disease. What is your weight? What’s your BMI? If you weigh too much and your BMI is too high, perhaps you are insulin resistant and at risk for several diseases. This is just the start but you get the point. The goal for most of us is to attain a healthy lifestyle. Lowering or raising certain numbers will improve our immune system so our bodies can fight diseases, viruses, flu, etc. 

Your regular checkup with the doctor is a time for new blood labs; therefore, a time for new health numbers. You may hear something like this from your doctor, “This looks good. This is too high or too low. We need to do something.” You have three choices. #1. Do nothing, which I don’t recommend. #2. Start taking medication, which I recommend delaying as long as possible.  There is a cost to your health for taking them.  Medication will change your numbers but they only mask the problem. They don’t fix the problem. #3. Change your lifestyle, which is not easy, and honestly, most people don’t succeed the first time.  Support, accountability, daily habits, and education will help your success rate!  

Join the upcoming research-proven program in October to have success in that weight loss, lowering your fasted glucose numbers, or improve the numbers that need to change to improve your health. Space is limited.

Lida Johnson, Head-to-Toe Coaching.  Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach.  Weight Loss Specialist.  Behavior Change Specialist.  Certified Personal Trainer.  Certified Nutritionist.   203.260.2880.