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by Genevieve Mellott

From the day we’re born‭, ‬we’re dependent on it‭: ‬FOOD‭. ‬Just like air and water‭, ‬this basic necessity keeps us alive‭. ‬Incredible creativity and distinction have made growing‭, ‬procuring‭, ‬and preparing food an art form‭. ‬Some people even think of cooking as a stress reliever‭. (‬They’re obviously not thinking about the dirty dishes‭.) ‬

Not to be outdone‭, ‬water joined the game‭, ‬but not in the strictest sense‭. ‬Somewhere in brilliant human history‭, ‬we used water as‭ ‬a launch point for coffees‭, ‬teas‭, ‬beers‭, ‬wines‭, ‬ciders‭, ‬shakes‭, ‬smoothies‭, ‬juices‭, ‬and more‭. ‬But don’t get me started on kombucha‭. ‬Eww‭.‬

Then there are the places we go to have other talented people prepare our food and beverages‭. ‬For lack of better terminology‭, ‬I’ll call these places‭ ‬“restaurants‭,‬”‭ ‬even though there is remarkable variation of format among businesses that meet our nutritive needs‭. ‬No matter what you call them‭, ‬they were among the hardest hit this past year and are still trying to bounce back‭. ‬

Modern Homesteading’s Fresh Bread Rolls

For many of us‭, ‬supporting restaurants has always been part of our culture‭, ‬and I think we can muster the courage to eat out a few more times‭. ‬What a sacrifice‭. ‬Face it‭ – ‬food tastes better when somebody else makes it‭. ‬My personal conspiracy theory is that‭ ‬the restaurant industry gets first dibs on all the best food‭, ‬so it’s just sloppy seconds when we get to the grocery store‭. ‬Again‭, ‬I totally made that up‭. ‬It seems plausible in my brain when I can’t find a good tomato or avocado‭.‬

Along with an homage to the food and beverage industry‭, ‬this issue includes a couple of other handy food-related articles‭. ‬One is for use at home or entertaining‭, ‬and the other helps you get the best from dining out‭.‬

But wait‭! ‬There’s more‭! ‬I couldn’t have an issue with nothing else in it‭! ‬Take a dive into the Carbon Valley Kids page with some local poetry‭. ‬Get tips on caring‭ ‬for your pets into the future‭. ‬Discover whether your internet is up to speed‭. ‬Learn to oil responsibly‭. ‬And last‭, ‬but not least‭, ‬hold onto hope for tomorrow because of today’s teens‭.‬

As a side note‭, ‬I’ve taken to signing off my email newsletters with the wish‭ ‬“enjoy the read‭.‬”‭ ‬I think too often we blow through our days and find we have not been very‭ ‬“present‭.‬”‭ ‬I know I am guilty of it‭. ‬So‭, ‬when I say‭ ‬“enjoy the read‭,‬”‭ ‬what I’m really saying is take a little time to do something intentional for yourself‭. ‬Whatever it is‭, ‬I hope you enjoy it‭. ‬For now‭, ‬whether baked‭, ‬broiled‭, ‬steamed‭, ‬or fried‭, ‬I hope you find this issue serves you up something meaningful‭.‬

Genevieve lives in Firestone with her husband‭, ‬three kids‭, ‬and two dogs‭. ‬She is currently praying for a productive gardening season‭.‬