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by Genevieve Mellott

I remember when Sling first hit the market a few years ago – it was a game-changer for those of us accustomed to paying $70, $100, or even $150 every month for cable. After waiting on hold listening to “Do You Know the Way to San Jose” only then to find out Big Cable could shave money off your bill just because you were infuriated, many of us happily Sling-shotted ourselves to network freedom. Enough emotional abuse, Cable! Then Sling got wise to the fact that they could creep up their prices and still retain the anti-cable masses. Who would rescue us now?

It takes a “Big TV” exec to think like one. A Denver-based live TV streaming service called Frndly TV hit the scene the last half of 2019, built by three former execs who started their own families and wanted a better, more affordable entertainment option for regular people. By that point, companies like Hulu, YouTube, and others were in the live TV market… for a premium. Two differences set Frndly TV apart: it provides only wholesome, live channels, and all three plans are under $10 per month. 

Want three Hallmark Channels so you can watch those movies your mom told you about? Check. Want the Game Show Network? Check. Want the Outdoor Channel? Check. Want Skinamax? Not even close. With Frndly TV, you can be assured that the programming you get is fit for the whole family. Plans start at only $5.99, but the $7.99 and $9.99 also offer a 180-day DVR. Better yet, there are no contracts, and it works with popular devices such as Roku, AmazonFireTV, Apple TV, and Chromecast.

Bear in mind that there are, for now, only 15 channels available. For those of us who don’t spend a huge amount of time watching, or more likely, for those of us who already have Netflix and just want live tv as a supplement, Frndly TV seems like a good choice. How long will these super-low, family-conducive rates last? Only time will tell, but for now, Frndly TV is a very competitive option for wholesome entertainment. Find out more at 

Genevieve lives in Firestone with her husband‭, ‬three kids‭, ‬and two dogs‭. ‬She enjoys thunderstorms‭, ‬gardening‭, ‬and long walks around the reservoir‭… ‬when the kids aren’t fighting or whining‭.‬