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Hi my friend! 

With the holidays right around the corner, what are you feeling?  Excitement?  Overwhelm?  Anxious?  All of the above?
If you could wave a magic wand, and create that perfect holiday season for yourself, what would it look like?  More importantly, how would you like to feel?

  • less stressed out by countless obligations, and more in control of your time?
  • energized by the season with the stamina to take on every gathering and get together with ease?
  • a new-found presence and mindfulness to be “in the moment” and not wishing it away because you are exhausted and over-worked?
  • well rested and cared for?

Join me for my FREE online Facebook event “The Calm and Well Woman”
A pre-holiday mini event, happening November 9th-13th!!   Let’s get ahead of the chaos of the season and put some simple strategies in place so you can feel calm, well-rested, and at your best (both physically and emotionally) this holiday season!Join Me!This online event, with daily “mini videos” will take place in an easy-to-join Facebook Group that is all set up and waiting for YOU!

When you register for “The Calm and Well Woman” you’ll get a FREE “Calm and Well” Strategy Sheet to help you be your healthiest and best this holiday season and beyond!  Plus, you’ll get 3 of my favorite Winter recipes!

In just 10-15 short minutes a day, we’re going to take you from feeling overwhelmed, to feeling prepared and cared for, ready to lean into the beauty of the season.  Taking this time for yourself now, may make all the difference for how you experience the holiday season, and is sure to set you up for your best new year ever!Register TODAY!

About Me…

Hello there!  I’m Lindsay, and I am passionate about helping women rediscover what’s next for themselves in their next chapter of life.  Whether it’s kids having left the nest, or a career that is coming to a close, our next season offers every opportunity to be our best one yet! Register TODAY!