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Dungeons & Dragons RPG NIGHT

RSVP by emailing our D&D Master Zach at
FREE to play, every week on Thursdays.
Welcome to a world of exciting adventure! DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS is a TABLE-TOP ROLE PLAYING (PPG) that has been played for over 45 years! It has had many different versions and mechanics over the years but here at Outworld we FOCUS ON THE ORIGINAL 1ST EDITION! All you need to play is a pencil, some dice, an index card [all of which we provide!] and most importantly- YOUR IMAGINATION! At the core, it’s a COLLABORATIVE STORY-TELLING game where you solve challenging puzzles, outsmart devilish monsters, and search for hidden treasure deep underground, no light save for the torch that dimly flickers against the far wall… So join us, grab a DELICIOUS BEER, and prepare for adventure!
[BEGINNER] Introductory Games: Never played? Always wanted to learn? This is the best way to see everything that “Old School” D&D has to offer! Pre-generated characters make things easy, so you can focus on having fun and learning how to play! (2ND THURSDAY OF THE MONTH, ~2 hour game session)
[ADEPT] Adventurer’s Guild: For those seeking consistent adventure and fascinating treasure! Featuring drop in/ drop out gameplay and character sheets you can keep! (1ST & 3RD THURSDAYS OF THE MONTH, 2-3 hour game sessions.)
[MASTER] Descent into the Dungeons of Doom: For those who spit at story, this mode is all about challenge! 3 hours to race through a single dungeon level filled with traps, horrors, and death abound… Each player receives two characters with which to explore. When both characters die, that player is eliminated! If the party completes the dungeon, their names are emblazoned in history and they unlock the next dungeon level that appears the following month- with new terrors to uncover! If the party fails… Better luck next time! (4TH THURSDAY OF THE MONTH, 3 hour game session)
Our Game Master, Zach, is Cuban-American and has been playing Tabletop RPGs for 20 years! He specializes in teaching new players and runs dynamic, thoughtful games that always give you something to wonder about.

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