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Soul Dog rescue dog from the Four Corners region
Cara was rescued and is never looking back!

Soul Dog is a 501‭ (‬c‭)(‬3‭) ‬nonprofit animal rescue organization founded with the mission to spay/neuter and protect animals‭. ‬Soul‭ ‬Dog is proactive in animal welfare‭, ‬advancing the need for spaying and neutering our pets to reduce overpopulation‭. ‬We travel to‭ ‬rural communities on Native American reservations‭, ‬where spaying and neutering will only happen if it is nearly free or very convenient‭. ‬Soul Dog works with volunteer veterinarians to provide the spaying and neutering service at no cost to the public‭. ‬Donations are used to defray the costs associated with medications‭, ‬supplies‭, ‬and the operating cost for clinics‭.‬

Our Mission‭:‬

Soul Dog Rescue performs collaborative‭, ‬targeted work‭, ‬primarily through spay/neuter‭, ‬in underserved regions in order to create‭ ‬sustainable change and promote cultural shifts regarding the treatment of companion animals‭.‬


Saving Lives in the Four Corners Region

Soul Dog started with a mission of helping the deserving dogs and cats on Tribal Lands in the Four Corners region‭. ‬It seemed that very little was being done to address the overpopulation situation and lack of resources available for pet owners‭. ‬Rescue was‭ ‬happening on a small scale by some hearty groups who had been doing what they could‭, ‬but what was really needed was a proactive‭ ‬approach and a means to eliminate the unwanted litters of puppies and kittens being born at staggering numbers‭. ‬Animal control was kept busy with the unpleasant task of euthanizing all of the unwanted animals‭, ‬and things were in a bit of a spiral‭. ‬Spay/neuter is the only answer to ever getting ahead‭, ‬and Soul Dog knew that help could be given in this department‭. ‬Spay/neuter is not‭ ‬sexy‭, ‬it’s not well-funded, and it’s a grind‭. ‬If you stop and ease up for even a year‭, ‬all of your work is undone and you are back to square one‭. ‬Knowing this‭, ‬we made the decision to be all-in on bringing spay/neuter to the Four Corners‭. ‬Our aim is to provide between one and two clinics per month in varying locations‭, ‬making it not only affordable‭ (‬no animal is EVER turned away for the inability of the owner or caretaker to pay‭) ‬but attainable‭. ‬The key is to bring the services right into each community‭, ‬taking the transportation issue out of the equation‭ (‬the Navajo Reservation is extremely vast and many miles separate each town and village from the next‭).‬


Our clinics are often held in chapter houses‭, ‬schools‭, ‬community buildings, and vacant spaces‭, ‬where we set up a‭ ‬“Pop-up Veterinary Clinic”‭ ‬similar to what one would expect from any stationary clinic‭. ‬We bring in state-of-the-art equipment and leave no stone unturned‭ ‬as we aim to bring only the‭ ‬“gold-star”‭ ‬standard to the services we provide‭. ‬Our staff is comprised of veterinary professionals who are experienced in the specialty of‭ ‬“high-volume‭, ‬high-quality spay/neuter”‭. ‬The care received at our pop-up clinics is paramount to what we are doing and we pride ourselves in offering the standard of care parallel or exceeding what would be received in other clinics‭. ‬We often have one-on-one post-op care for each patient and animals have eye-balls on them until they are fully awake to ensure that recovery goes smooth‭. ‬

We don’t have a set fee‭, ‬rather we ask for a suggested donation to the program between‭ $‬10-$15‭. ‬Typically the donations range from‭ $‬5-‭$‬20‭ ‬per animal‭, ‬although some people do more and some people have a situation that doesn’t allow them to donate at this time‭, ‬so we will gladly take care of all animals at no cost‭. ‬Each animal is sterilized‭, ‬vaccinated, and dewormed with a basic dewormer‭. ‬At this time cash is the only form of donation taken at the pop-up clinics‭.‬

In the first quarter of 2020‭, ‬our BELOVED mobile clinic‭, ‬FYDA‭, ‬was reconstructed and ready to hit the road‭. ‬This is an old Airstream trailer gutted and retrofitted as a mobile spay/neuter clinic‭. ‬The aim is to get FYDA out to some of the really remote locations where finding a building to host a‭ ‬“pop-up”‭ ‬clinic might be challenging‭. ‬FYDA was first rolled out in 2008‭, ‬was briefly retired, and is now updated and back on the road‭.‬



Each week Soul Dog is asked to help between 15-80‭ ‬dogs and cats from the Ute Mountain and Navajo Reservations‭, ‬with the majority‭ ‬being puppies‭, ‬often with their mothers‭, ‬surrendered due to lack of spay/neuter resources‭. ‬If Soul Dog cannot take them and pick them up weekly‭, ‬they are euthanized‭. ‬There are no other groups helping the animals at three of four Navajo animal control facilities‭, ‬so the responsibility falls to Soul Dog to save these lives week after week‭. ‬It is an emotional and heartbreaking decision‭, ‬but if there is no space at the shelter and fosters don’t step up to help‭, ‬there is simply no option and great animals die‭. ‬Fostering is simply stated‭, ‬a lifesaving endeavor‭! ‬It is a tough gig‭. ‬It is hard work‭, ‬and it can be extremely difficult to part with your foster when the time comes‭, ‬thus the term‭ ‬“foster-fail”‭ ‬and the reason so many fosters are one and done‭. ‬While it is not an easy job‭, ‬it is quite possibly the most rewarding thing one‭ ‬can do‭.‬


We at Soul Dog Rescue want to emphatically send our appreciation and gratitude to each and every donor who chooses to trust us with their generosity‭. ‬Without donors‭, ‬we would not be able to put our mission of helping as many cats and dogs on Tribal Lands as possible‭, ‬into action‭. ‬We are a small‭, ‬grassroots organization comprised of a handful of people working our tails off to move‭ ‬mountains for these animals‭.‬

Clinic Volunteering

Soul Dog is always looking for volunteers to support our clinics‭.  ‬If you are a veterinarian‭, ‬vet technician‭, ‬vet assistant, or experienced animal handler interested in volunteering‭, ‬we would love to hear from you‭. ‬Volunteers are vital to the success of our‭ ‬organization and are rewarded in so many ways‭!‬

The success of our program depends on the generosity of volunteers and donors who support this important work‭.‬

Visit or call (303) 857-6789 for more information.