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by Genevieve Mellott

Our area has many great resources and ways of supporting its residents‭. ‬One of the more innovative local organizations is Brigit’s Bounty Community Resources‭. ‬Founded in 2011‭ ‬and located adjacent to St‭. ‬Brigit’s Episcopal Church in Frederick‭, ‬they operate a Giving Garden and provide youth and charitable programs for the Carbon Valley‭. ‬What is a‭ ‬“Giving Garden‭?‬”‭ ‬you may ask‭. ‬Every year‭, ‬staff and volunteers prepare‭, ‬plant‭, ‬tend‭, ‬and harvest vegetables to give to neighbors in need‭. ‬Also‭, ‬the garden provides educational opportunities for youth‭, ‬including after school programs and Summer Garden Camp‭. ‬Brigit’s Bounty’s mission is simple yet essential‭: ‬to provide education‭, ‬training‭, ‬and resources toward transforming the lives of individuals and strengthening the Carbon Valley community‭.‬

The garden can produce over 2,000‭ ‬pounds of food and easily reach over 750‭ ‬children‭. ‬The full-time devotees to the cause include‭ ‬Garden and Education Coordinator Rachel Pound and Americorps Resource Development and Engagement VISTA Tyler Mathews‭. ‬As amazing as they are‭, ‬two people cannot serve an entire community alone‭! ‬The garden relies heavily on volunteers‭. ‬In 2019‭, ‬in addition‭ ‬to its volunteer board of directors‭, ‬the organization welcomed 557‭ ‬neighbors who put in 4,300‭ ‬hours to make the season spectacular‭.‬

Brigit’s Bounty is getting ready for another impressive year‭, ‬and there are lots of ways to get involved‭. ‬This spring‭, ‬the garden will‭ ‬need plenty of volunteers again‭, ‬and there’s no‭ ‬“green thumb”‭ ‬required‭! ‬Summer Garden Camp will fill up fast if in-person camp is approved‭: ‬it will accommodate around 70‭ ‬students‭. ‬Through the garden’s online shop‭, ‬website visitors can purchase Brigit’s Bounty swag‭, ‬creamed honey‭, ‬lavender hand salve‭, ‬and more‭, ‬all supporting the nonprofit mission‭. ‬Perhaps the most exciting event this year is constructing a brand-new greenhouse made possible through a Colorado Garden Foundation grant‭. ‬With an anticipated completion date in July‭, ‬the greenhouse will enable year-round food production and education opportunities‭. ‬Lastly‭, ‬we can’t forget about the Gala in the Garden‭, ‬held every November‭, ‬which is the charity’s premier fundraising event‭. ‬The help provided by individuals like you and me enables the Giving Garden to make such an incredible impact on residents’‭ ‬lives‭. ‬

If you are interested in participating in the Giving Garden this year or want more information on its programs and opportunities‭, ‬visit‭, ‬call 720-475-1520‭, ‬or email‭. ‬Let’s keep the‭ ‬“grow”‭ ‬in our growing community‭!‬

Genevieve lives in Firestone with her husband‭, ‬three kids‭, ‬and two dogs‭. ‬She enjoys thunderstorms‭, ‬gardening‭, ‬and long walks‭, ‬in‭ ‬addition to writing‭, ‬editing‭, ‬and graphic design‭.‬