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from the OtterCares Foundation

Many people may be surprised to learn that Otter Products‭, ‬based in Fort Collins‭, ‬has our largest distribution center and many dedicated employees right here in Carbon Valley‭. ‬And on April 22‭, ‬you are one of the communities that can take part in closed2open‭, ‬our annual volunteer event‭.‬

Since 2016‭, ‬The OtterCares Foundation has partnered with Otter Products to do something extraordinary‭. ‬For a single day‭, ‬Otter Products closes its doors so that employees all over the world can dig into their communities through hands-on volunteering and service‭. ‬From interns to executives‭, ‬everyone spends the day working alongside schools‭, ‬students‭, ‬and nonprofits to help inspire‭ ‬students and grow our mission‭. ‬We call this day closed2open‭.‬

This global event is all about living out the corporate mission of Otter Products‭ – ‬“We Grow to Give”‭ – ‬while focusing on furthering the mission of the OtterCares Foundation‭ – ‬“Inspiring Kids to Become Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists‭.‬”

On this impactful day‭, ‬Otter employees blanket communities in the three continents and nine countries‭: ‬the United States and Canada‭; ‬Cork‭, ‬Ireland‭; ‬the UK‭; ‬Sweden‭; ‬Spain‭; ‬Germany‭; ‬and Hong Kong‭. ‬Working with some of our incredible partners‭, ‬employees volunteer in classrooms‭, ‬using their many talents to help organizations through strategic operation planning and encouraging students‭ ‬to be bold‭, ‬be passionate and have fun‭.‬

As we all continue to follow social distancing guidelines to ensure our communities’‭ ‬health and safety‭, ‬this year’s closed2open event explores ways that Otter Products employees can still engage in the joy of giving back‭. ‬In a fun and safe way‭, ‬we will identify those volunteer opportunities that are virtual or in-person and follow local and state social distancing guidelines‭. ‬

Sounds awesome‭, ‬right‭? ‬Well‭, ‬you can join us during closed2open‭! ‬Here are a few ways to participate‭:‬

• If you’re a teacher or nonprofit employee in Northern Colorado and would like Otter volunteers to come and interact with your students‭,‬‭ ‬contact us and let’s chat about possibilities‭!‬

• If you’re just passionate about giving back to your community‭, ‬we encourage you to support causes and nonprofits that are near and dear‭ ‬to your heart by spending the day volunteering‭. ‬And invite others to join you‭!‬

• If you own your own business‭, ‬work with a nonprofit that your company cares about by either volunteering with that organization‭ ‬or find easy and fun ways to invite your customers to support your company’s chosen cause‭!‬

• Share your day of giving back using‭ #‬closed2open‭!‬

We encourage you to find ways to volunteer virtually or‭, ‬if you volunteer in-person‭, ‬please make sure you adhere to all safety guidelines and precautions‭. ‬We want closed2open to be impactful for everyone‭, ‬but safety comes first‭!‬

Learn more about this event and other programs by contacting us at‭ ‬‭.‬