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I’m Not a Teacher (but I play one on TV!)

by Lindsay Adams Ok‭, ‬only those who caught the 1984‭ ‬Vicks Formula 44‭ ‬Cough Syrup commercial starring‭ ‬“Dr‭. ‬Rick Webber”‭

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Battling Addiction and Mental Illness in the COVID Era

by Jenna Drennen As our nation continues to grapple with the challenges the COVID-19‭ ‬pandemic presents‭, ‬those struggling with mental

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Heart-Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Contributed by Michelle White, Community Outreach Coordinator, Mountain View Fire Rescue February is American Heart Month! Did you know that

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Centura Health – Emergency & Urgent Care Frederick Provides COVID-19 Vaccines Close to Home

contributed report Longmont United Hospital is proud to be able to offer the COVID-19 vaccination to our flourishing communities, and

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Hindsight is Not 2020: Commit to Controlling Your Happiness

by Dr. Kimberly Murray, LMFT Shattered Expectations No one could have predicted how 2020‭ ‬would go‭. ‬We all entered the

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How To Be Successful With New Year’s Resolutions

by Lida Johnson The new year is here‭, ‬and you know what happened‭. ‬Resolutions‭. ‬Upwards of 70%‭ ‬of people have

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When Should I Seek Emergency Care If I Have COVID-19?

Contributed by Michelle White, Community Outreach Coordinator, Mountain View Fire Rescue When to Seek Emergency Medical Attention: Look for emergency

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Creating a Personal Mission Statement

by Lida Johnson Why a Personal Mission statement? When most people think “Mission Statement,” they think organizational mission statements. Like

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What’s Your Word?

by Lindsay Adams Here we are wrapping up another year. But not just any year. 2020. The unprecedented year. And

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COVID-19 Support Resources

Contributed Report Colorado Spirit is a North Range Behavioral Health-provided resource to assist those whose behavioral health has been impacted