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Desperately Seeking Girlfriends

by Brenda Ridgly Loneliness and the feeling of being disconnected has become an epidemic. In our globally connected world, how

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It Only Gets Better

by Lindsay Adams This week I am celebrating my 57th birthday. I am a St. Paddy’s Day baby, and that’s

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Who Is Your Tribe?

by Brenda Ridgley Can I ask you a personal question?  How many close friendships do you currently have?  When I

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Battling Addiction and Mental Illness in the COVID Era

by Jenna Drennen As our nation continues to grapple with the challenges the COVID-19‭ ‬pandemic presents‭, ‬those struggling with mental

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My 2020 Lesson: In Goal Setting, Be Fair to Yourself and Don’t Move the Goal Posts

by Margrit Lent Parker I learned something about myself this year‭. ‬Actually‭, ‬deep down‭, ‬I already knew it‭, ‬but this

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10 Lessons I’ve Learned From Ending a Toxic Friendship

by Jenna Drennen 2020‭ ‬was a difficult year for all of us‭. ‬Each of us confronted and overcame obstacles‭, ‬and

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How To Be Successful With New Year’s Resolutions

by Lida Johnson The new year is here‭, ‬and you know what happened‭. ‬Resolutions‭. ‬Upwards of 70%‭ ‬of people have

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Creating a Personal Mission Statement

by Lida Johnson Why a Personal Mission statement? When most people think “Mission Statement,” they think organizational mission statements. Like

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What’s Your Word?

by Lindsay Adams Here we are wrapping up another year. But not just any year. 2020. The unprecedented year. And

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I Didn’t Buy a Ticket for the Struggle Bus

by Genevieve Mellott I want to share an experience with you. Parts may sound familiar. Last spring, my oldest daughter,