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by Genevieve Mellott

“Quality of life‭.‬”‭ ‬According to Brittanica‭, ‬the phrase means‭ ‬“the degree to which an individual is healthy‭, ‬comfortable‭, ‬and able to participate in or enjoy life events‭.‬”‭ ‬In reality‭, ‬it means different things to different people‭. ‬It even means different things depending on one’s stage in life‭. ‬So how can an entity which facilitates the pursuit of the ideal quality of life be all those things‭? ‬We are blessed and lucky to have an excellent parks and recreation district that grows to meet as many needs in the community as possible‭ ‬and meet them with excellence‭.‬

In 1983‭, ‬Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District was formed to provide opportunities and programs that enhance Tri-Town and‭ ‬nearby rural residents’‭ ‬lives‭. ‬But that begs the question‭, ‬“What is a district‭?‬”‭ ‬In Colorado‭, ‬localities can create a‭ ‬“district”‭ ‬when services are needed that the local governments alone cannot provide‭. ‬As such‭, ‬a district is a branch of government that is‭ ‬cooperative and specialized‭, ‬such as with recreation and school districts‭. ‬

Over the years‭, ‬there have been many changes to our parks and recreation district‭. ‬2002‭ ‬saw an expansion and master plan corresponding to the incredible growth here‭. ‬Voters passed a mill levy at that time to fund it‭. ‬Our parks and recreation district has provided swimming lessons‭, ‬gymnastics‭, ‬youth sports‭, ‬special events for all ages‭, ‬and senior programs‭, ‬while facilitating even more‭, ‬such as dance classes and BMX‭. ‬

Even during 2020‭, ‬Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District jumped in with both feet to continue to offer services to the maximum extent they could safely do so‭, ‬knowing that patrons’‭ ‬mental and physical health depended on them‭. ‬They modified programs to be safer and offered virtual classes‭. ‬They provided reservation times for the pool‭. ‬They moved equipment to meet distance standards‭. ‬They hosted drive-in events for seniors‭, ‬including‭ ‬Friendly Fork‭, ‬a county program that provides lunches for persons aged 60‭ ‬and over‭. ‬And through support from local Intergovernmental Agreements‭ (‬IGAs‭), ‬the recreation center remained open and fully functional most of the year‭, ‬and‭ ‬“The Studio”‭ ‬for smaller classes opened at 8350‭ ‬Colorado Blvd‭. ‬Ste 170‭ ‬in Firestone‭. ‬With proceeds from Colorado Lottery funds‭, ‬the district‭ ‬was even able to purchase new cardio equipment‭. ‬All of these plans succeeded without increasing fees for guests‭.‬

The recreation services we enjoy are indeed a large part of what makes life in Carbon Valley so appealing‭, ‬and more exciting progress is on the horizon‭. ‬How many of us have used the recreation center or senior center‭? ‬How many have kids who have participated in sports‭, ‬swimming‭, ‬or gymnastics‭? ‬With activities anticipated to resume fully in 2021‭, ‬the parks and recreation district desires to meet our evolving needs‭. ‬In 2019‭ ‬the 2002‭ ‬General Obligation Bond mill levy was paid in full‭. ‬Now we have a chance for‭ ‬our recreation services to grow with us again‭. ‬A comprehensive feasibility study conducted in 2019‭ ‬highlighted several fundamental desires in our community‭. ‬Many residents responded that we want an outdoor pool‭, ‬another recreation facility‭, ‬and more athletic fields‭. ‬The number one location for expansion is at Firestone’s Central Park on Sable Ave‭. ‬With the help of the IGAs‭, ‬the goal is to bring a second recreation center and pool here and more athletic fields throughout the valley‭.‬

Five years ago‭, ‬few could have foreseen the population boom the Carbon Valley has experienced‭. ‬Luckily‭, ‬we have a parks and recreation district managed by forward-thinking individuals who care for our community members’‭ ‬wellbeing‭. ‬A such‭, ‬2021‭ ‬holds promise for more programs and facilities‭. ‬When the voters agree with the need for further growth‭ ‬and enhancements to parks and recreation‭, ‬it will greatly benefit the Carbon Valley’s overall health‭. ‬The district will be conducting further information sharing and updates regarding the growth plan and election‭ ‬throughout 2021‭. ‬For more information‭, ‬visit‭ ‬‭, ‬or drop by the Carbon Valley Recreation Center in Frederick to get updates and see which programs fit‭ ‬your‭ ‬quality of life‭. ‬