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by Tyler Mathews

Brigit’s Bounty Community Resources‭ (‬BBCR‭) ‬is hosting a virtual silent auction on November 13‮–‬15‭. ‬Visit to shop‭ ‬from baskets curated with local favorites and unique items you won’t find anywhere else‭!‬

Brigit’s Bounty runs a Giving Garden and works directly with students from Thunder Valley K-8‭ ‬School and other local youth to provide hands-on garden experience and education around horticulture‭, ‬environmental stewardship‭, ‬health‭, ‬and nutrition‭. ‬Additionally‭, ‬BBCR donates all of their fresh‭, ‬chemical-free produce to local residents in need through Meals on Wheels and the mobile food pantries‭. ‬BBCR also hosts a variety of community education programs in their garden‭, ‬including summer camp‭, ‬after-school programs‭, ‬and adult workshops‭. ‬All proceeds from this event will directly support BBCR’s mission to transform lives and strengthen the Carbon Valley community‭. ‬Come and connect with your neighbors through a fun weekend of online bidding and programming while funding a local 501‭(‬c‭)(‬3‭) ‬nonprofit organization‭!‬

The silent auction will begin at 5pm on Friday‭, ‬November 13th with a welcome video streamed to BBCR’s Facebook page found at‭. ‬From there you will be invited to transition to the auction website‭ (‬again that’s‭) ‬to begin bidding on your favorite items‭!  ‬Throughout the weekend you can follow along on their Facebook page to view content that will help you get to know the organization better‭. ‬Garden Goodies and BBCR Merchandise will also be‭ ‬available through their online shop‭ (‬‭) ‬if you’d really like to show off your love for Brigit’s Bounty‭! ‬The silent auction will conclude Sunday evening at 8pm on November 15th with a closing remarks video streamed to their‭ ‬Facebook page‭. ‬Winners will be able to pick-up their items the following week in Frederick or have them delivered to their homes‭. ‬Your support is greatly appreciated‭! ‬Brigit’s Bounty’s ability to continue offering a low-cost summer camp and run the Giving Garden is a direct result of donor generosity‭. ‬Mark your calendars now for November 13‮–‬15‭ ‬weekend‭!‬